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The KSR MOTO Vionis is the first full-size electric scooter with a BOSCH engine and removable lithium-ion battery pack under 2,000 euro!

Until now there have been two reasons against e-mobility on two wheels: the high price and the network of charging stations that is still poorly developed in many places.

But the KSR MOTO Vionis takes care of both of these! At a price of only EUR 1,999, it is more affordable than many petrol scooters in the 50 cc or 45 km / h maximum speed class, but it is still a fully-fledged two-seater.

When it comes to charging, “urban mobility” is not just a hip buzzword for the Vionis. With its removable battery pack with LG lithium cells, it also provides exactly what city dwellers need, who often do not have a garage or reserved parking space with a charging station.

With a capacity of 1.2 kWh, the Vionis has a range of 55 km according to the very strict UN-ECE R101 guideline.

For driving, the VIONIS relies on German engineering: the BOSCH engine is ideal for traffic light sprints with 2,000 W continuous power, with 46 Nm of torque (which corresponds approximately to the torque of a 500 cc motorcycle), the VIONIS does not get out breath quickly on slopes.

The KSR MOTO Vionis is therefore a full-fledged, city-suitable electric scooter with state-of-the-art battery and drive technology from internationally renowned manufacturers and is more affordable than many a petrol scooter. This means quick amortisation and meaningful e-mobility for everyone. There is no longer anything in the way of the triumphant advance of e-mobility in the “50-cubic class”!

Technical Data

Model: KSR MOTO Vionis 25 km/h KSR MOTO Vionis 45 km/h
Image: KSR MOTO Vionis KSR MOTO Vionis
Engine: Electric, DC Electric, DC
Voltage: 60 V 60 V
Accumulator: Lithium ion 60 V × 20 Ah = 1,200 Wh; portable Lithium ion 60 V × 20 Ah = 1,200 Wh; portable
Nominal power: 1,600 W 2,000 W
Weight: 76 kg 76 kg
Brakes: Front: Disc
Rear: Drum
Front: Disc
Rear: Drum
Tyres: Front: 90/90-12
Rear: 120/70-12
Front: 90/90-12
Rear: 120/70-12
Number of seats: 2 2
Electricity consumption: 29 Wh/km 32 Wh/km
Range: 64 km 55 km
Colours: Black Black

Available in the following countries:

Andorra, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain